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  • gas and oil
  • windpower construction
  • transmission
  • road construction & access roads
  • cranesurfaces
  • heavy load transportation
  • concerts and events
  • helipads
  • Support vehicle and equipment weights up to 150 tonnes*
  • Easy and quick to unload using lifting equipment or forklifts
  • Install roadways, working pads, parking and turning areas
  • IsoTraction® surface design for superior traction
  • Safe movement and access for vehicles, equipment and people
  • Mats gently flex with ground contours – no ground preparation required
  • Prevent severe rutting and damage – avoid ground reinstatement costs
  • Prevent vehicles and equipment from  getting bogged down - keep your project running and avoid delays
  • Flexible but tough and durable mat for long life use
  • Low theft risk compared to aluminium and steel mats
  • 100% recyclable at end of life
  • Metal connector bolt set
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* Load capacity is dependent on ground conditions